Award-winning comedian Rhian Wood-Hill will be sharing some of the gambles he's taken in life when he visits Rotorua with his new show - literally.

He brings his award-winning autobiographical comedy show Rhian-vested to Shambles Theatre tomorrow, 8pm to 9pm.

Rhian says his last show was a basic overview of his weird upbringing from ages 0 to 2, and this new one takes off where that it finished.

"It comes from my adventures rather than my family's adventures."


He says this show will look at his time as a professional poker player - what brought him to it, and what happened during and after.

His personal experiences are currently an inspiration for his shows, he says.

"It's easier to talk about yourself because you know that subject matter better than anyone.

"It's a nice way to figure out why I did dumb stuff."

Rhian says this is his third time before performing in Rotorua and that it is fast becoming his favourite place to play.

This is because there is a great vibe thanks to a nice community - "They are kind, interested and want to be there".

He encourages people to check out his show because it is about a subculture people know about, but at the same time do not know a lot about.

"People either think of an old Western or someone very degenerate and in a lot of cases -especially in poker and professional gambling - it's more about maths and being intelligent.

"It's also just a funny and interesting show.

"It's an award-winning show. That's always a good start."

Rhian says highlights of his career as a comedian have been getting to share the stage with, and being around, some of the best comedians in New Zealand.

"The awards don't matter to me as much. The fun is working with great people and being around a great audience."

The show is R18. Tickets are available at for $15.