I really wish that the Rotorua Lakes Council would reconsider where the $500k 3D printed sculpture will be installed.

It will be extraordinary and I would like it to be in a place where I can have the time to appreciate it, and not just see it with peripheral vision as I go around the Hemo roundabout.

I want to be able to stand near it, and really look at it.

The roundabout itself, with its multiple signs, needs our full attention. The sculpture in that place may create a dangerous distraction.

Delight Gartlein

Nessie mystery
The photograph of the Loch Ness Monster in Tuesday's Rotorua Daily Post (Nation, May 22) is the (in)famous "Surgeon's Photograph" of 1934, taken by a London surgeon supposedly visiting Loch Ness with two friends.


The secret of the photograph was revealed when the last surviving member of the trio involved confessed, decades later, that their "Nessie" was in fact a toy submarine to which they had attached a plasticine neck and head.

Ronald Mayes

Good advice
What a wonderful column Ngahi Bidois had published the Daily Post (Te Māori, May 22). Have faith, work hard and become the lucky one.

So true. Pity so many want it all handed to them and are still miserable even when they get it.

Every day is a good one as long as you get on with life without blaming everyone else for your lesser fortune or bad luck.

Just be thankful that you have woken up each day and enjoy it as best you can.

"As one of my kaumatua Mita Mohi always said, kimihia nga mea pai ... seek the good things in life."

A great article.

Viv Radley