While some friends crowded around the living room television to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding, other Rotorua locals were watching it on the big screen at the Novotel.

Kristen Pirie organised the Novotel screening and said it was a success.

"There were definitely people in the bar who purely came for the royal wedding. There was a group dressed up all in white and there were our regulars," Pirie said.

"It was nice to be able to put on something for the royalists in the community."


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now Duke and Duchess of Sussex, were wed at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

"There was some clapping and woo-hooing in the appropriate moments so it was nice to be among people in the mood."

She said it had prompted the hotel to think outside the square in terms of organising events and marking different occasions.

"We'll be looking at other events to celebrate with the locals. That's what we're all about, bringing locals together."

The hotel was also offering a scone with every drink bought while the wedding was screened.

Pirie said her favourite part was seeing the wedding dress and what guests were wearing.

"I remember from William and Kate's wedding there were some beautiful hats so it was interesting to see what people were wearing."

While Pirie watched on the big screen, local woman Caraline Abbott watched the action unfold at home with a friend and glass of wine.


Abbott is originally from England and watched the coverage from 5pm with another British friend.

"It makes us feel like we're back in England. If we were there, there would have been a lot of excitement and a buzz in the air. So watching it on TV was the next best thing.

"I liked seeing people lining the streets. You could tell everyone was behind Harry and Meghan and enjoying the atmosphere."

Abbott feels another connection to Harry as they were born in the same year.

"I almost feel like I've grown up with Harry, I'm glad to see he's finally married. People either love or loathe the royals, for me it's almost like it's part of my heritage. I really enjoying hearing about them."

Facebook comments:
- Her dress is gorgeous. Such a proud moment for her Mom.
- Harry looks happy in love, she looks beautiful, congratulations.
- Both nervous. Do you blame them!! Gorgeous couple.
- Beautiful bride, Harry is a lucky man.
- Awesome, I like the dress nice and plain. The tiara sets it off and trail is supposed to represent something. How hard would that have been to make.
- Understated, elegant and all class.
- She fit [the dress] like a glove and looked gorgeous and love the ceremony. Nice combination.
- Dress was plain but she still looked stunning!!
- Watching the royal wedding, so beautiful and with an American twist.