Rotorua youth have the chance to celebrate their culture and the cultures of those around them this weekend.

A free Cultural Youth Fest is being held at the Rotorua Youth Centre tomorrow, 10am to 4pm.

The day will include a variety of cultural performances, cultural food stalls, and various activities and workshops.

Rotorua Youth Centre youth development co-ordinator Semu Filipo says the Rotorua Youth Centre Leadership Krew decided to hold this event in order to reiterate the Youth Week motto 'Be who you want to be'.


"We wanted to put a twist on it and apply the motto to the progression of each and every one of the youth's cultures."

He says by holding this event the youth of Rotorua will be able to express who they want to be and how their genetic makeup will help them along the way to greatness, by not forgetting where they come from.

Semu says they are looking forward to seeing how the youth embrace their own cultures and the cultures of others and all things included.

"It would be an awesome chance for the youth to not only learn more about their own culture and identity but also of all the ethnicities that surround them locally."

He says celebrating Youth Week is important because it gives youth a chance to celebrate their identity, their achievements, and the things they love.

"It also brings the youth together for a week that is all about them."