It was an honour for a Rotorua theatre cast to perform in front of Roger Hall - someone who invested all their time into the play.

Rotorua Little Theatre presented Glide Time at its opening night at Shambles Theatre on May 9, which was attended by its New Zealand playwright Roger Hall.

Director Anne Potter says the opening night went well and she was pleased with it.

"Roger said he enjoyed it thoroughly and congratulated us.


"He said it was one of the best community theatre opening nights he had been to in a long time."

Anne says the opening performance was pretty well attended, being about three quarters full.

She says it was great to have Roger present and it felt like an honour.

"It was rather nice. He doesn't go to all of them, so it was nice he came to ours."

Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick came, and Roger is an old university friend of hers, Anne says.

After the opening performance there was a Q & A session with Roger, along with a supper.

Anne says Roger talked a bit about New Zealand Theatre Month coming up in September, as well as Glide Time.

"This particular play was his first play. He said he did six drafts before he was reasonably satisfied with it, and it's been performed in Australia as well as New Zealand."

She says Glide Time's season in general is doing well, though they would like to sell more tickets for the last night tomorrow.

"It's going very well and the cast are continuing to go from strength to strength."

Cast member Rachael Bell says it was quite an honour to be able to perform in front of the playwright himself, and they were privileged he came to see the show.

"It's special to perform in front of someone who invested all their time into it."

She also said he talked a lot about Theatre Month, and being able to showcase local playwrights and talent.

"It's a special thing for a community theatre like us to profile something home grown and something from New Zealand."