Rotorua's indoor bowls team have successfully defended the Bill Moore Memorial Cup, which is contested annually between Rotorua, Whakatane, Poverty Bay and Matamata.

In a fine all-round team effort, at the Whakatane Indoor Bowls Stadium on Sunday, Rotorua started slowly and trailed after the first round of fours. Whakatane led with 12 points followed by Poverty Bay 10, Rotorua 6 and Matamata 6.

In the first round of singles, Rotorua closed the gap to trail by four points. The scores were Whakatane 31, Rotorua 27, Poverty Bay 22 and Matamata 16.

The second round of singles saw Rotorua take the lead by scoring 26 points to Poverty Bay's 16 and Whakatane and Matamata 11.


Rotorua led with 53 points, Whakatane 42, Poverty Bay 38 and Matamata 27.

Rotorua then scored a clean sweep in the first round of pairs and only lost one game in the second round of pairs to go into an unbeatable position with the final round of fours to go. This round was not played.

Rotorua won with 98 points followed by Whakatane 60, Poverty Bay 53 and Matamata 44.

The winning team was Robin Porter, Sam Bryant, Mike Bryant, Jacque Porter, James Schuster, Gavin Rennie, Brian Flett, Keith Richardson, Derek Owen, Gina Owen, Jim Flett, Colin Hanson, John Rayner, Matthew Farquhar, Wayne Hitchens and Chris Guy.

Schuster and Richardson were unbeaten with five wins, Bryant and Flett had four wins and a draw while Robin and Jacque Porter recorded three wins and two draws each.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, 12-year-old Ciera Paterson, of the Selwyn Heights Club, won her first Rotorua Indoor Bowls Association title when she defeated her clubmate Deon Hawe 12-9 in the final of the Junior Singles at the Westbrook School Hall.

Ciera Paterson from the Selwyn Heights Club has won her first Rotorua Indoor Bowls Association title. Photo / Supplied
Ciera Paterson from the Selwyn Heights Club has won her first Rotorua Indoor Bowls Association title. Photo / Supplied

Fourteen juniors competed, a very pleasing number and they all played to an extremely high standard of bowls which reflects the coaching they are receiving from Pani Bryant and members of Selwyn Heights Club.

Lake Taupo Club's Matthew Farquhar and Jacque Porter won the Rotorua Men's and Women's Championship Singles respectively.


Farquhar, who is still in the junior ranks, bypassed the Junior Division to win the senior event which attracted 16 entries.

In the men's semifinals, Farquhar beat clubmate Robin Porter 9-8 while Derek Owen defeated Mike Bryant, of Citizens Club, 9-4.