Children were building with their imagination this week as they came up with creative solutions to a unique scenario using Lego.

Part of the Rotorua Library's April School Holiday programme was three sessions of 'Lego Disaster Island'.

The sessions were a popular choice for the young ones, with all three sessions booking out quickly.

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Rotorua Library youth and early learning lead Kylie Holmes says the children are continuing a story with the Lego Disaster Island activity.

The story is of four friends who go out on a boat and end up stranded on an island for a day.

Each child is challenged to help the castaways by building things such as boats, signals for people passing and shelters using Lego.

Kylie says the Lego sessions always book out quickly.

"Kids love it, and we love having them here for it."

Sharlene Malam, who went along with Deacon Navarro, 6, and Roman Navarro, 4, says the children love Lego.

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"It's getting creative and getting them out there."

Deacon says he enjoyed building with Lego and Roman warned that there was a monster in the garden.

Adam Jeffries, who was giving Finlay Jarmey, 6, and Zach Jeffries, 7, a hand with their creations, says the Lego Disaster Island activity helps children build their imagination and creativity.

"It's really cool they have these opportunities in the school holidays to explore new ideas."

He says Lego is always a popular activity - "there are endless possibilities with Lego".

Finlay says he enjoyed building a boat and raft, and liked building "all kinds of things" with Lego.

Zach says he plays with Lego at home too, and it is one of his favourite activities.

The Rotorua Library still has a number of activities available for these school holidays, including a 'Keeping Safe Around Dogs' session, creating drawings, a musical show with children's author and musician Deano Yipadee, and a scavenger hunt.

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