A local charitable trust is desperate for donations and volunteers as the colder weather draws in.

Curtainbank Rotorua trustees Judy Gregor and Crystalline Bennett say their shelves look okay at the moment but as it gets colder and more homes need a full fit out of curtains, their stock will quickly dwindle.

They say the Curtainbank is not only running short of curtains but is also in need of more sewing machinists.

Being a sewing machinist for the Curtainbank is not something that gradually takes up more and more of a person's time, the pair says.


The amount of time people spend doing the job is what is comfortable for them - "if they can only come in for an hour once a week or twice a week that's fine".

Crystalline says the trust has a nice, warm environment and new sewing machines.

"Our volunteers have made a huge contribution to the wellbeing of so many people less fortunate than themselves."

The trust also has a professional sewing machinist who spends most Tuesdays at the Curtainbank, and who can train people and get them up to speed.

Judy says Curtainbank accepts gifted, pre-loved, clean curtains and prepares them for donation to people in need, who are either referred or hold a community services card.

She says curtains are vital in keeping a home warm and can help prevent respiratory diseases in children.

"Anyone donating curtains is helping the community - keeping children and elderly healthy."

Curtainbank Rotorua is a charitable trust. It receives funding for rent and curtain lining from BayTrust, RECT and Lotteries.

Judy says she cannot see the funding stopping any time soon because having access to curtains is a basic health need.

"We would applaud any move by the Government that landlords adhere to legal requirements of the tenancy rules."