Nearly 60 per cent of Rotorua Lakes Council's key performance targets are on track for the year, but of those that "need attention", many are unlikely to hit target, it has been admitted.

The performance targets for the first six months were presented at today's Operations and Monitoring Committee meeting.

Of the council's 75 targets, 43 were on track to be achieved, 16 had not been measured and 16 were in need of attention.

The targets were agreed upon within the long-term plan by the council in consultation with the public.


Targets that needed attention included Rotorua Museum and Rotorua Aquatic Centre visitor numbers, the standard of inner city public toilets and removal of graffiti within 24 hours.

As at December 31, 8112 people visited Rotorua Museum, well below the 104,000 target for the 2017/18 financial year. And 161,956 people visited the Aquatic Centre during the same time period, down on the 350,000 2017/18 financial year target.

The council aimed to have 60 per cent of its inner city public toilets meeting the "tier two" standard, though currently only 50 per cent do, and "there is no further budget for additional refurbishments of inner city toilets for the remainder of this year".

The council's chief financial officer, Thomas Colle, said some targets were unlikely to be met due to unforeseen circumstances.

These circumstances primarily applied to the closure of the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre and Rotorua Museum.

When questioned by councillor Mark Gould about how many of the targets that needed attention were likely to be achieved, Colle said it was a "mixed bag".

Targets on track to be achieved included 99 per cent of public toilets being regularly cleaned, the total number of people using physical library facilities and 100 per cent of known dogs being registered.

Key performance target activity areas
District Library
Rotorua Museum
Events and Venues
Aquatic Centre
Pensioner Housing
Emergency Management
Regulatory Services
District Development
Strategy and Policy
Inner City Services
Open Spaces and Recreation
Roads and Footpaths
Sewerage and Sewage
Stormwater and Land Drainage
Waste Management
Water Supplies