No graffiti but too many tourists

We have just returned from a trip around the south of South Island.

What a pleasure it was too, when we suddenly realised that we hadn't seen any graffiti. One can only conclude that graffiti down that way is so 1990s.

We did however, come to realise that New Zealand is now at saturation point with the tourism sector and the freedom camping issue is only a small part of the problem that the tourism industry needs to address.

New Zealand is a great place but our visitor numbers are going to need controlling or we will ruin the Kiwi experience we are so proud of.

Derek Packham
Lake Tarawera

Obscured plate


Some years ago when we had traffic cops on the road, my father received a ticket for partially obscuring his rear registration plate with the tow ball on his factory fitted tow bar.

Nowadays, in fact every day, you can be following a vehicle stacked with bikes on a rack which not only obscure the registration plates but also the rear lights.

Which is particularly dangerous especially along the likes of Te Ngae Rd where an overzealous driver may suddenly change lanes.

They may be indicating their intentions but because you can't see the indicator it creates a far more dangerous situation than merely obscuring a registration plate.

So how come the Police are, in my view, obviously ignoring this anomaly?

AJ Watson

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Meter madness

Do ratepayers in Rotorua realise that the reason the parking is such a mess is simply that the council want you to have hardly any time to shop in the CBD?

What can you buy in 15 minutes? I can hardly get in and out of the car in that time.

One hour is not enough time either.

Free parking is the only solution and although the meters make no money, the fines for overstaying raise more than $1 million yearly.

You are being fined for shopping in your town. This is hardly the policy of good or caring government it will not change until the uncaring council and mayor are kicked out.

Jim Adams