Rotorua will be pumping for the next week as Crankworx Rotorua 2018 gets under way, with breakneck speeds and mid-air tricks on the cards.

The opening ceremony is taking place this evening at Eat Streat from 7pm to 8pm.

Events on days one to four are in public places so anyone can watch them, and days five and six are free for locals this year.

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Crankworx allows children to get among the action at Rotorua's Kidsworx
Rotorua gearing up for thousands of Crankworx visitors


Crankworx event director Ariki Tibble says having Crankworx 2018 just around the corner is exciting.

"There are so many people in our team who have been planning and collaborating, and working really hard for such a long time.

"Event time is when all of that collective effort pays off."

He says he is looking forward to making some magic with Crankworx 2018.

Next Saturday locals can see the Deep Summer Photo Competition, where four elite photographers present a slideshow at Eat Streat showcasing the mountain biking culture.

Ariki says the photo competition invites world-class photographers to showcase Rotorua through their unique points of view.

"It challenges us as locals to reimagine our own back yard through the eyes of others.

"It's no cost to check out and we know it will be a great vibe on Eat Streat that night."


There are also events for evening fun and entertainment being held at Sobar, Pig and Whistle and Lava Bar.

For the first time at Rotorua's Crankworx there will be a Women of Crankworx Autograph Session on March 24.

Ariki says the women of Crankworx blow his mind.

"They are fast and strong, and ridiculously fast on a bike.

"They each have a story to inspire young females to get out on their bike - and that is great thing in my books."

Children can get among the action and get inspired by their biking heroes with a range of Kidsworx events on offer.

Kidsworx is designed for children 12 and under, and their parents.

The zone offers all the races, demo bikes, and expo fun of the main festival, with extra coaching opportunities to help youngsters get in on the action.

Kidsworx starts on day five of Crankworx, March 21, when the event gets under way at Skyline Rotorua.

Ariki encourages locals to get involved, especially those who have not had much to do with mountain biking before.

"There is very good reason why thousands of people from all over the world fall in love with our location, our people, and our trails, and there are so many within our community still who are completely oblivious to these amazing resources right on our doorstep.

"Come along, check it out and enjoy!"

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