The trio of wooden walkers that used to grace the entrance to the Redwoods carpark are still under repair - nine months after they were taken from the prominent forest site.

The wooden Walk in the Redwoods sculpture was removed by Rotorua Lakes Council last June after deteriorating due to time and weather.

Created by the late Martin Tissink, it was to be repaired by his son, Roland Tissink.

At the time Tissink said he hoped to have the restored sculpture back in place a month after it was taken down.


In response to questions from the Rotorua Daily Post this week, a council spokeswoman said the process to restore the figures had taken longer than expected due to the wetness of the wood, especially in the larger male figure.

"The timber is laminated around a steel sub frame and covered with an epoxy resin to finish it off. Because of the epoxy coating water that was able to get in through cracks became trapped inside and because these are substantial pieces of wood it had taken a considerable length of time for the timber to dry.

"So far work has been done to strip back the epoxy coating, and to remove and replace the most water damaged areas.

"There is no expected date for finish at this stage."

Last June, Tissink said art was his father's life.

"I guess for the Walk in the Redwoods sculpture it was always about the community, depicting a family walking to create a unique piece of art that welcomes and excites people.

"A connection and love for nature were central to his father's work."