Love is in the air as people start preparing for Valentine's Day and ensuring it is a romantic day for their special someone.

Valentine's Day falls on Wednesday this week, and some single Rotorua people will be meeting and taking part in challenges thanks to OGO Rotorua's OGO Love competition.

OGO Rotorua sales and marketing manager Anna Rodgers said they thought they would do something a bit untraditional this year.

She said they were pulling together a group of 10 local singles who would go to the site on Valentine's Day and take part in activities such as brain teasers and challenges involving OGO rides.


After these, points would be given and the couple deemed best suited from the challenges would have a Valentine's night experience.

This includes riding in a luxury Xquizit Limousine to a dinner for two at The Terrace Kitchen.

"The twist is they don't know who they will be having that experience with."

Rodgers said they had already narrowed down the 10 finalists and they were in the process of finalising that now.

She hoped those who took part would have fun, meet new people and make some new friends.

"It's not necessarily 100 per cent serious, just something that's a bit of fun and a bit different."

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3 Feb, 2018 7:00am
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They would hopefully do some live updates on their Facebook page of the night and the participants doing the challenges, she said.

She said Valentine's Day was a great way to recognise the relationships we had, whether that was a friend, partner or husband.

George Dawson, one of the people taking part in OGO Love said it was thanks to his work mates that he was entered and participating in the competition.

He said he was looking forward to meeting new people and getting to know them - "And if I manage to win, the dinner date at Terrace Kitchen will be amazing".

Dawson said he was also looking forward to the challenges.

"It's something out of the box and funny. Hopefully they work to find a match."

Emily Stevens, owner of Ems Flowergirl Florist and Giftware, said the shop was getting busy.

"It's great being in the middle of the week because people like to get flowers delivered to work which is special."

She said the traditional items such as roses, chocolates, teddies and pamper items were popular.

Lakes Flowers and Design manager Yvette Brake said she had been expecting things to pick up this week, as Valentine's Day was really based around men buying things, and they tended to leave it until the last minute.

She said red roses sold well, as well as mixed bouquets with men picking their partner's favourite colour, she said.

The Warehouse Rotorua store manager Sally Rison said it was getting busier in the store with Valentine's Day looming closer.

She said traditional chocolates such as Favourites and Roses were popular - "you can't go wrong with those".

Also popular were soft toys, teddies and jewellery.

She said each year there would always be people doing their Valentine's Day shopping last minute.

"I would say this year won't be any different."