Arts excitement

As an 83-year-old, I have many memories of this great town where I was born.

I will be very excited if the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre can be restored. I went to many movies in the old Regent Theatre plus many shows, plays etc in the concert chamber growing up.

I'm sure the community will benefit greatly by Sir Owen Glenn's very generous offer of help.



Council priorities
Congratulations to your correspondent Kevin Barker (Letters, February 7) on his comments concerning the priorities of the Rotorua Lakes Council.

In acknowledging that the council has made some significant achievements during its current term of office, in my view support of the most needy in our community is not one of them.

In my view, it is not good enough for the council to pass the buck to central Government, and to label homelessness and poverty "welfare issues", for which it has no responsibility. Tauranga District Council actively assists the needy in its community. This is our city. Why can't we?

The old adage - that a country, or organisation, may be judged by the support it provides for its most vulnerable, still applies.


Save species
Bylaw 5 seems divisive, somewhat like anti-whaling but allowing Japan to continue. If species are endangered there should be a total ban. We are all New Zealanders after all.


Inferior goods
At the risk of sounding racist, I wish to make a very strong point! I am tired of buying shoddy goods that do not last the course only to take them back to the shop and be told "what do you expect they are made in China". Are we not able to either make things here or at least import them from the US or Europe?

Too often pieces of equipment fail because a small part breaks and has to be replaced with an inferior part that costs almost the same as the main piece only to find that in a very short time it breaks again! It is so annoying.


I was disgusted to see your front page today (February 9) completely filled by the photograph and accusations of local man Jason Trembath.

The presumption of New Zealand law is that a person is innocent unless proven guilty through a formal legal process.

The appropriate time to publish photographs, inflammatory headlines and sensational articles is after a trial has found a person guilty. Until such time, people should be given the benefit of the doubt and protected from character assassination by the media.

Articles such as yours mean that Trembath's reputation and future prospects are seriously damaged, whether he is guilty or innocent. They also risk prejudicing potential jurors.

Newspapers such as yours need to act more responsibly to avoid this sort of irreparable harm.


The future is here and it is fantastic!

I'm talking about our amazing new library. What a wonderful facility we have - aesthetically beautiful, light bright and colourful, friendly staff on hand to greet and guide, thoughtfully designed quiet rooms for parents, and everything attractively displayed.

This is still very much a library as we know it but with so much more! If we saw this innovative concept in a big city overseas we would be impressed.

Congratulations to all those who have brought this vision to life right here in Rotorua!


Wow the traffic levels have been noticeably high since Waitangi Day what with schools and business back in full swing.

I think the council should consider traffic lights at the Arawa Tutanekai crossing so pedestrians don't have to duck through the traffic.

This would provide a secure and safe thoroughfare from the lakefront to the mall.