A clean-up of the floating wetland in Lake Rotorua is under way after it was damaged by this month's wild weather.

In a statement a Rotorua Lakes Council spokeswoman said post-storm checks had found two sections had broken away from the main structure and small pieces which looked like foam or pieces of sponge, had broken away.

"A team from the company which is responsible for structural maintenance of the wetland is undertaking the clean-up now," the spokeswoman said.

The wetland was constructed in 2012 as an environmental enhancement initiative to help improve water quality in Lake Rotorua.


More than 20,000 hand-sewn native plants grown from Rotorua-sourced seeds were used in its construction.

"As the wetland is permanently located in the lake and therefore accessible to wildlife, environmentally-friendly material was used in its construction," the statement said.

"There is work planned next month which will further strengthen the wetland and provide added protection from damage during adverse weather."

The wetland is about the same size as a rugby field and has a life expectancy of about 20 years.

It is one of a number of floating wetlands on Rotorua lakes (others are managed by the regional council).

Once established floating wetlands help reduce nitrogen and phosphorus in lakes. They also provide additional benefits such as a nursery for koura, nesting options for birds, enhanced fisheries and wave dampening.

If you see storm debris contact council to arrange for it to be removed or cleaned up by calling (07) 348 4199 any time.

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