Roto Rocks is on a revival roll as more people discover the hide and seek game which became an international craze last year.

The Rotorua group will celebrate its first Facebook birthday tomorrow with an anniversary rock painting and hiding bash at the Arts Village.

Roto Rocks founder Alex Le Long said the page had more than 3000 members and was going strong.

It had tapered off the end of last year but picked up again.


''I think people were going out and not getting rocks as some people were taking the rocks. So we just wanted to remind people it's a game and you need to re-hide them for everyone that is participating.''

The Western Heights High School teacher said rocks had been taken to Germany and Hawaii and been hidden.

One of the rules of the game was posting a picture to its Facebook page and she said it was amazing where some of them ended up.

''It's really cool to see people getting out into our beautiful environment and having fun painting the rocks.''

Her own creations were often inspired by nature and she had done a series of the four seasons plus minions, mandelas and some in te reo.

Roto Rocks administrator Sonia Foote said her family loved painting, hiding and searching for rocks.

The mother of three said it was a great activity that combined creativity with the chance to explore the great outdoors.

The Footes stumbled across the craze when they were visiting Palmerston North last year and had been hooked since.


''It's something our whole family could get involved with. There are so many aspects to the game that I like."

Her children aged 2, 6 and 8 enjoyed painting their own designs and the ''joy of leaving other rocks for people to find''.

''When they first saw pictures of their own rocks pop up on Facebook that other people had found they got so excited. It's just really neat and has got us out in different parks and places in Rotorua that we had never been to so then it became a big exploring game.''

Sharing things with other people was another attraction for Foote.

''I like those values and the fact if you are a family that doesn't have the resources to paint yourself, you can still be involved with the game by finding and re-hiding.''

She estimated her family had painted thousands of rocks and had often adopted themes including Mr Men, ladybirds and teddy bears.

''You name it, it's been painted, we've done sun, moons, rainbows and random stuff like handprints and swirls.''

Roto Rocks Event
Tomorrow 10am to 2pm at Arts Village
Celebrating one year anniversary and painting rocks
At 12pm will do a rock hunt in the Sculpture Garden

Rock Rules
Paint and hide rocks
Rocks must be sealed
Rocks can't be put on the grass
Post a photo to Roto Rocks Facebook when you find
Re-hide rocks