In many years of regular swimming at the Aquatic Centre I have always thought how wonderfully well it was managed, open for such long hours on 364 days a year.

The rotation of the lifeguards means they stay alert, the reception staff are friendly, the pools are kept clean.

I hope the new management acknowledges the benefits of local knowledge, local involvement and long service which these people have shown. I would like to express my gratitude and respect to all the staff and wish them well in their new roles.



Parking a universal gripe

Of every gripe faced around the world, car parking must be one of the most universal, either you can't find a one, or someone is taking up more than one, or you come back to find a letter under your wiper when you're sure you put enough coins in the meter!

Essentially the various car parking limits around our CBD are a form of regulation. Where in a perfect world the regulation would allow those who work all day in the CBD to find a car park close to their work, while leaving spaces free for people to pop in for an hour's shopping to find a car park closer to their shop of choice, and further still having enough 15 minute car parks for those dashing in for a quick errand.

Parking as is was decided on as a result of a two year trial, which seems to have fallen short of the mark in some areas, but overall is an improvement on the previous setup.

One improvement still needed is to ensure that there is a consistent method of payment across the CBD, instead of the current mix of meters and pay and display.

With Rotorua Lakes Council looking to outsource its parking enforcement, it is imperative it ensures parking fines are not being issued due to confusion around parking and are instead only being given out to those who are flagrantly breaking the rules. As after all, if you knowingly do the crime, you must be prepared to pay the fine.