The community can come together for a fun art-making activity while helping raise money for an outdoor modular stage.

The Arts Village is holding the koha activity and an art garage sale tomorrow from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

The Arts Village manager Mary-Beth Acres says they will be making embellished fabric bunting using cute and creative techniques, made by the community to decorate the building over summer.

She says the bunting will be hung up outside and inside, depending on how much is made.


It will go up on December 1 and stay up until the end of January.

"We want everyone participating to be able to add a little bit of their mark to the bunting so that when it is up you can physically see the love that is going into making this project happen."

Mary-Beth says the event will be fun, easy and the materials supplied.

Once the bunting goes up, people will be able to come down and find their 'bit' of the artwork and really be a part of the project physically, she says.

She says the activity will also be geared for people who just want to drop in, as well as people who want to spend a little more time making their bunting pieces extra special.

It will be suitable to most ages, although little ones will need an adult to work with them.

Mary-Beth says they have not held an art garage sale before, but as a non-profit they are fortunate to get donations from all sorts of lovely people of art supplies and bits and bobs over the years.

She says most of it gets used in art activities, but some of it would be better off for people to make their own art with rather than for using in a big class or organisation.


"We have gone through our cupboards and the things on offer have been lovingly stashed over the last 15 years - so there is lots to choose from and some real bargains."

The supplies on offer includes easels, oil paints, brushes, pallettes, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, drawing equipment, paper, canvas, art books, art works and more.

She says there is something nice about getting to rummage through art supplies - especially as some of the supplies they are selling are unique or specialised materials.

"We love that the prices people pay will make some of these 'fancy' things really accessible and that all of the money raised will be going straight into our crowd-funding project.

"This means that whatever we raise is going to be essentially doubled by RECT's match funding."

She says the whole event is made to be fun and easy to come along and participate in.

"We will have koha tea, coffee and biscuits on offer, and the atmosphere will be really fun and vibrant."