Rotorua Little Theatre's latest show is promising to leave audiences a little perplexed but chuckling as mayhem unfolds on the stage.

Kindly Leave the Stage is a 'play within a play' which comes to a halt when Rupert misses his line and then loses the plot.

Those around him try to steer the sinking ship back on course and the action rapidly develops into mud-slinging and name-calling to the confusion of the elderly, inebriated Edward who has no idea what is happening - chaos ensues.

The first two shows were held on Wednesday and last night, but there is still plenty of opportunities to head along.


The eight-person cast is directed by Val Isherwood.

"I think it's very well written. The script is full of great one-liners and the audience really has to listen out for them."

She says it is a challenge for the actors as they have to make conscious changes, so it gets a bit complicated.

Val thinks people will enjoy the show, and trying to figure out what is real and what is the 'play within a play'.

"It will be a great relaxing evening with a lot of chuckles."

She says the play is more for teenagers and adults, as some language may offend.

Val says the best part about directing and theatre is watching the written word come to life on the stage.

She says she wants to encourage the Rotorua public to come along to live theatre.

"It's a great experience to get involved, come along, and be in the audience at a live show."

She says they are always amazed at the number of people who have lived in Rotorua for a long time and who come along and say 'we never knew this was here'.

"I just encourage everybody to come along and enjoy an evening of entertainment by local people, for local people."