New Zealand Post is looking for a Rotorua business to partner with following Kiwibank's decision to take over the Tutanekai St site.

Currently the space is shared between the bank and a PostShop but Kiwibank announced last week it was to become a standalone bank offering more specialised services.

A spokesperson from New Zealand Post said the company was committed to continue providing postal services to the Rotorua community, and having locations customers could easily access.

"For a number of years now we have been transferring services from existing PostShops to other nearby local businesses in communities," the spokesperson said. "It helps New Zealand Post to remain a sustainable business as we don't need to own the stores themselves.


"The arrangement also provides the local business with the benefit of additional customer foot traffic to their host business."

This should please people who took part in a Rotorua Daily Post Facebook poll asking whether they used the Tutanekai St PostShop. Almost three-quarters of people said they did use it with many commenting on how busy the shop was and surely that was a reason to keep it open.

More than one person said the PostShop provided the RealMe Service and questioned where this would be available after the closure.

New Zealand Post did not provide a response regarding potential job losses as a result of the closure of the PostShop.

Last week Kiwibank and NZ Post communications specialist Holly Thompson said the first round of consultation had not included discussions about job losses and that those decisions would be made at a later date.

New Zealand Post has confirmed the box lobby would remain in its current location while a business partner was sought.

"Customers will still be able to access postal services in the same way from the Tutanekai PostShop, whilst we look for a local business to partner with. This includes posting letters and parcels, buying postage and Poste Restante."

There is no change to the Central Mall PostShop, which is managed by a local business, where customers can post letters and parcels, buy postage, as well as pay bills.