A letter writer (October 11), feels that cycle tracks are merely a craze. Yet which is the more forlorn: the as yet under-utilised cycle tracks or even more congested roads?

In the past, building more roads only exacerbated congestion. Everywhere you look around the world, the most preferred and fastest growing mode of transport is the bicycle.

As for electric cars and ebikes, they will never be price competitive or as healthy. If future-proofing involves a more people friendly city - particularly for the young - then we are on track.



Hot on the case
Rachel Stewart has listed some possible nasty outcomes from climate change (We're all feeling the squeeze, October 11) but the statement "the heat will shut our bodies down and we will die" is ridiculous.

Over millions of years global warming has maintained a liveable climate with periods of differing atmospheric temperatures that do not exceed a bearable level. This is due mainly to the water cycle which acts as a thermostat.

The stage of evaporation from the oceans and forests has a cooling effect as when sweat dries on the skin. Air which becomes warmer can hold more water vapour and it also increases the rate of evaporation. The resulting extra cloud cover and rainfall add to the cooling effect.

This natural atmospheric temperature control ensures that people of the future will not frizzle in searing heat but they may need to wear gumboots more often.