Locals can test their bravery by going along to an annual spooky event this week.

The House of Horrors is the Rotorua Youth Centre's major event and this will be its sixth year running.

It is a horror maze, where youth make their way through in groups and are confronted by their worst nightmares. The theme this year is Purgatory.

It was scheduled to open tonight, but with the threat of high winds making the maze dangerous, the opening has been postponed until tomorrow.


Anyone with tickets for tonight will be refunded.

It will go ahead as planned tomorrow, Friday and Saturday nights.

Each night's event is split into age groups - 8 to 11 from 7pm and 12 and up from 9pm.

This event is run by a handful of adult volunteers and between 40 and 60 youth volunteers who help design the event, build the set and props and learn how to apply special effects makeup. On average about 50 youths act every year.

Co-director and head of make-up Sara Fitzell said in January they started with a group of seven as the design team and then around April to June they started two programmes - special effects and props.

She said they had a team of about 10 in each. Then, volunteers got on board and altogether this year there were about 85.

She encouraged people to come along because it showed support for the youth and all the hard work they had done throughout the year.

Connor Teka, 20, who was doing props and acting, said he had enjoyed how everyone came together and did something for others in the community.

He said what he liked about the acting in House of Horrors was being able to express yourself in ways you could not usually do and seeing people's reactions.

Jenna Currie, 21, who was doing design, makeup, props and acting, said she had enjoyed learning how everything came together at the end and the social aspect of putting together House of Horrors.

"All the money goes back to the Rotorua Youth Centre so it's supporting the community, and it's a fun event overall and a great night out."

Tickets are available from the youth centre for $15, or on the Rotorua Youth Centre's website for an online special of $13.

There will be door sales.