Police have received positive leads about the identity of a man who has grabbed women running on a walking track between Sulphur Point and the Rotorua Lakefront.

Two women rang police on separate occasions in the past week after the man grabbed at them inappropriately.

Rotorua police crime prevention manager Inspector Stuart Nightingale said he had been given positive leads regarding the complaints.

He said the matters were now being handed on to CIB for detective oversight and investigation.


"Police remain vigilant for the suspect based on descriptions and are patrolling at appropriate places and times accordingly as well."

The man is described as Maori, solid build, about 165cm tall, wearing black pants that change colour below the knee to a cream colour, and a light grey hoodie.

Mr Nightingale said both women described the man as either having gaps in his teeth or teeth in a poor condition.

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2 Oct, 2017 12:32pm
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