Tommy Wilson, (Opinion, September 25) does not give the 9847 voters in the Waiariki electorate their democratic right to vote how they see fit.

His verbal use of language eg "lost loyalty", "crossing the floor", "turned their back on him", "betrayal of loyalty to the leader", "apathy of our own people". Then adding that "8160 sets of Maori Party eyes who didn't vote for him will be watching like a hawk".

Could almost turn into "utu" for the new MP for Waiariki, Tamati Coffey.

Maybe, just maybe those 9847 voters did not see that the financial, social and cultural gains claimed by the Maori Party over nine years had come down to Mr and Mrs hard working Maori and their families.


Pyes Pa

Be patient for decision

It was a pleasant change to read the editorial in the Rotorua Daily Post written by Andrew Austin (Editorial, September 29).

Unlike the hysterical rants by many media "experts" his comments made sense.

The writer pointed out that waiting for special votes, as Winston is doing, is practical.

I think it should be remembered that Mr Peters is a seasoned politician.

The MMP system was not of his personal making, and systems are being followed as required.

The media folk should calm down and wait to see what happens, not act like impatient critical children.

A N Christie