Police pepper-spray occupiers of gang house

Rotorua police are issuing a stern warning to occupiers and associates of a known gang house in Fordlands after police pepper-sprayed two young men there but were unable to arrest them.

Police were called to a house on Bellingham Cres about 6.15pm on Monday after reports young people were assaulted and had their scooter taken.

When police arrived at the house, which was known to them as being affiliated to gang members, they found a woman who had a warrant for her arrest.


Rotorua police crime prevention manager Inspector Stuart Nightingale said two young men at the house took exception to officers taking the woman away on the warrant and behaved in an aggressive manner towards them.

Mr Nightingale said police had to pepper-spray the two young men.

"Occupants of the address called for other friends to come to the Bellingham address. Police left with the arrested woman without having the opportunity to remove the young men because family members were obstructive towards police in removing them."

Mr Nightingale said the matter certainly wasn't over.

"As crime prevention manager I have made sure that all my frontline staff are aware of this address and give people coming and going from that address appropriate attention to send a message that that type of behaviour is unacceptable.

"We know who these young people are so little has been achieved in their actions. All it has done is give that household and their visitors extra attention they don't want. It's not good for the community and the law-abiding citizens that live in that location."

Stolen buggy

Staff at an education facility in Rotorua are upset after an expensive buggy was stolen from the premises at the weekend.

Thieves forced their way into the premises on Poplar Ave and stole a Kymco green/black buggy 450cc (similar to the one pictured).

Mr Nightingale said it was worth about $17,000 and its theft was "very disappointing to the members at this education facility".

Police want the public to remain alert for this vehicle and to call police with any information as to its whereabouts.

Wanted man

Rotorua police want help from members of the public to find Gordon Leota.

Leota is 45 and from Whanganui. He has a warrant to arrest and is believed to be in Rotorua.

Mr Nightingale said police would appreciate any information from the public.