Up to half of all enrolled Rotorua voters could have already voted by tomorrow - the official election day.

Electoral Commission Rotorua returning officer Tracey Curry said the "significant number" of advance voters placed Rotorua on target to have 50 per cent of votes cast ahead of election day, putting it in the top five electorates for advance voting.

"We're so proud of that."

Mrs Curry said a huge number of people had used advance voting as an easy way to enrol and vote at the same time.


"We have found the voting place in the [Rotorua Central] mall to be a huge success.

"It has encouraged the younger Maori vote, something we've been trying to capture."

Voters yet to enrol must sign up before 5pm today to be able to vote.

People can still pick up an enrolment form at a PostShop or download and return enrolment forms online.

Tomorrow there will be 45 voting stations across Rotorua.

Mrs Curry said it took more than six months to choose the locations and find the 91 staff to run them.

"It takes months of planning for this one day. It is an exciting day, just vote, it's easy."

Chief electoral officer Alicia Wright said they wanted all New Zealanders to have their say.


"It only takes a few minutes. Your vote matters, but it will only count if you are enrolled."

Counting of the advance votes will take place tomorrow with the first results expected from 7pm.

More information about enrolling and voting is available from www.elections.org.nz.

Where you can vote
Broadlands - Broadlands School
Fenton Park - Fenton Park Bible Church
Glenholme - Glenholme School hall
Glenholme - St Chads Communication Centre Trust
Hamurana - Hamurana Play Centre
Horohoro - Horohoro School
Kaharoa - Kaharoa School
Kaingaroa Forest - Administration Building
Kawaha Point - Kawaha Point Primary School
Koutu - Tumahaurangi Marae
Lake Okareka - Lake Okareka Community Hall
Lake Rotoma - Rotoma and Rotoehu Community Hall
Lake Tarawera - 10 Alexander Rd
Lynmore - Lynmore Primary School
Lynmore - Lynmore Scout Hall
Mamaku - Mamaku School
Mangakakahi - Sunset Primary School hall
Ngakuru - Ngakuru School
Ngongotaha - Ngongotaha Community Hall
Ohauiti - Ohauiti Settlers Hall
Okere Falls - Whangamarino School
Owhata - Mokoia Community Hall
Owhata - Owhata School hall
Owhata - Rotokawa School
Owhata - St Mark's Anglican Church
Reporoa - Mihi School
Reporoa - Reporoa Settlers Hall
Rerewhakaaitu - Lake Rerewhakaaitu School
Rotoiti - Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Rotoiti
Rotorua - Rotorua Central Mall
Rotorua - Rotorua Intermediate School
Rotorua - Rotorua Primary School hall
Rotorua - Rotorua Public Hospital
Rotorua - St John's Ambulance Hall
Selwyn Heights - Western Heights High School
Springfield - Otonga Primary School hall
Te Puke - Fairhaven School
Te Puke - Te Puke High School
Te Puke - Te Puke War Memorial Hall
Te Ranga - Te Ranga Hall
Upper Atiamuri - Upper Atiamuri School
Utuhina - Malfroy Primary School
Waikite Valley - Waikite Valley School
Western Heights - Kaitao Middle School
Western Heights - Western Heights Primary School