The race is on across the country to win $30 million, and Rotorua locals have their fingers crossed.

Lotto's jackpot has rolled over to the massive prize tonight after no one took home the fortune on Wednesday.

Springfield Superette and Lotto owner Raj Kumar feels his store has a good chance at selling the winning ticket.

"Lightning has struck twice before," he said.


In 2015 Mr Kumar's store sold a winning jackpot ticket worth $24.3 million to a local family.

"People know we have sold a winning ticket before so I think that encourages people to come down and try their luck.

"Even when it's terrible weather people still come out to buy a ticket," Mr Kumar said.

He also said that people had been buying more then he expected, including one man who recently bought six triple dips.

"Everyone sees the advertising and feeds off the buzz so even people who wouldn't usually buy a ticket, have got one just for this," he said.

Locals have been out in force to get their hands on the winning ticket.

Anna Van der Sanden said she wouldn't know what to do if she won.

"I'd probably start by going on a holiday to the UK and then try and figure out what I would do with the rest."

John-Vaelei Perez feels much the same.

"I think I would go back to Tokelau for a holiday and see all my family and friends."

Annie Crighton also had her loved ones in mind.

"It'd be nice to give some to my kids and spread the rest around the family."

Although Elaine Scott would love to be the lucky winner, she wasn't getting her hopes up.

"I'd love to be able to help my family and invest but I'll leave it up to the universe.

"I'll win if it was meant to be."

The largest recorded jackpot of $44 million went to one winner in November last year and Mr Kumar believes someone else may come away with the jackpot tonight.

"This is when dreams can become reality because there is a real chance it could change someone's life."