It's just a week to go before election day so we asked our local panel if they've made up up their mind.

 Fraser Newman.
Fraser Newman.

Fraser Newman, 31
Bookshop owner

I'm still undecided. I've narrowed my options down to the Maori Party or National, neither of which I've voted for previously. Jacinda was impressive at first, but the gloss has gone.

Like with banning foreigners from buying homes. We can't legally do it, unless we turn our back on existing trade agreements.


They'll either break their word, or break our economy. I want to see a free trade and a strong economy pay for strong social spending.

No party is a natural fit. National could do better - a lot better at times. But I don't see any real alternative. For candidate I'll vote Todd McClay.

 Theresa McLean.
Theresa McLean.

Theresa McLean, 18

I'm still undecided. I admire policies from all the parties. I admire the Green's dedication to the environment and climate change, but I appreciate the stability that comes with National.

I think Bill has a good understanding of the social determinants of inequality and what it takes to get things done.

I like how open Labour has been about acknowledging New Zealand has issues that need addressing.

I really like TOP and all things evidence-based, but am aware their chances are slim.

I think it's important to have a party in parliament that sticks up for the environment and keeps a spotlight on poverty in New Zealand.


I also think it's important the Maori Party has representation. But there's been so many surprises this election, who knows how I'll be feeling by next week!

Heather Keefe.
Heather Keefe.

Heather Keefe, 40s

National's policies are succinct.

What are Labour's tax changes? Working committees? Smoke and mirrors! Their financial advisers - eerily silent! Public opinion has forced them to front up. Too Little too late. Voting's started.

Tax issues affect all. Labour's policies were pre-planned. They knew their intentions before their leadership change, Labour were in dire straits. Polls reflected little support. What's changed? A leader with personality - not policy.

Good governance is built on depth of experience. National has this in abundance.
Rural and urban businesses need to grow; not be taxed out of business.

Trade agreements grow economies. Cancelled deals by Labour don't.

McClay's success as Trade Minister has impacted locally and nationally.

Electorate/party vote National.

Brett Wilson.
Brett Wilson.

Brett Wilson, 52
Watchdog Security chief executive


Both party and electorate vote will go to National, despite their numerous flaws they are the best option for economic stability.

Despite Jacinda's fluffy rhetoric I am very nervous about a Labour government.

I think Jacinda is lying about her tax plans, and Grant Robertson has nothing that qualifies him to be Finance Minister.

Labour lacks substance to their policies and their caucus talent pool resembles a puddle. I believe Labour would take our "Rock Star" economy and turn it into a talentless busker trying to make a living outside the Sydney Airport.

Russell Hallam.
Russell Hallam.

Russell Hallam, 72
Retired school principal

I have voted Labour, two ticks.


The biggest issue I see for us across our nation and in our electorate is the wellness of our communities. A well resourced public health system.

The retention of the age of entitlement to New Zealand Superannuation at 65 years.

The accessibility to affordable housing for all. Affordable to those on the lowest incomes who struggle to afford high rents for accommodation, as well as those trying desperately to afford home ownership.

A publicly funded and resourced world class education system for all ages.

I think these, with the support of like minded minor parties in Government,
will address this issue.

Ngaa Rauuira Puumanawawhiti.
Ngaa Rauuira Puumanawawhiti.

Ngaa Rauuira Puumanawawhiti, 23
Cultural market manager, New Zealand Maori Arts and Crafts Institute


I have publicly criticised and campaigned against Te Ururoa Flavell in the past and in this election, I will be voting for him.

In my observation, the fighting between Mana and Maori has torn our people apart and has severely undermined Maori prospects of having a unified voice.

I'm voting for unity. My party vote will also be going to the Maori Party with the objective of enabling Marama Fox into parliament via the list.

She is a key ingredient to that call for unity. As mentioned earlier, my loyalty lies with political destinations, not party vehicles.

That destination currently is unity of the Maori people.