Primary school pupils from around Rotorua have been treated to a te reo Maori farm show at the Agrodome.

As part of Maori Language Week, the Agrodome held a free show for Rotorua primary schools today, integrating te reo Maori.

Kids flooded through the doors, ready to see their favourite animals on stage.

Agrodome brand manager Shelley Burnett said it was the first time the Agrodome had held the event and hoped to make it an annual thing.


"This is a special show, more than 300 students will be here as well as two bus loads of tourists."

She said it was a great opportunity for pupils to learn the importance of te reo.

"The Agrodome is an iwi-owned company so we want to make sure that the language doesn't die."

While the show was focused around Maori Language Week, she said it needed to be catered to a wider audience.

"We didn't want to overwhelm people, especially tourists who may not know how to speak te reo.

"Only key words like animal names and numbers will be in te reo to ease in those who are unfamiliar with the language."

Otonga Primary School teacher Belinda Herbert said it was important to teach young pupils how to speak te reo, especially those in Rotorua.

"It's a great opportunity for the kids because it provides them with a special experience, especially seeing that we have students from a variety of cultures."


Pupil Dhruvi Balu, 11, was looking forward to the show.

"I can't wait to see the sheep and dogs, they're my favourites."

Dhruvi also spoke about her use of te reo.

"I don't speak it at home but we learn it and use it in class all the time."