Today's announcement of another subdivision in Rotorua is a promising sign our city's infrastructure is starting to catch up with its growth.

Arohanui Parade, a 36-section subdivision off Vaughan Rd, is the fourth development to be announced just this year.

It follows the 24-section Baxendale Development, the 89-section Sunny Downs subdivision and a 33-section subdivision in Pukehangi.

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The announcement also comes after the signing of Rotorua's Special Housing Accord earlier this month, which aims to help the building of 900 new homes in four years.

Our desperate need for more houses came about when people cottoned on to our secret - Rotorua is an awesome place to live, work and play.

In the span of just two years this realisation caused a housing boom, which was quickly followed by a housing crisis.

People, particularly renters, have struggled with the rapidly rising house prices and severe shortage of houses.

While there are countless benefits to having a lively and growing population, the city's lack of housing has put a real strain on locals, overshadowing any positive effects.

Thankfully the issue wasn't ignored.

City leaders, real estate agencies and developers have taken action to ensure more than 1000 homes are built in less than five years.

Good things take time and while we won't have all these new houses overnight, it is clear work is being done to better accommodate the influx of people to Rotorua.