There was mud galore, with people covered head-to-toe, as hundreds toughed out a challenging course this weekend.

The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge was held on Saturday at Lakes Ranch.

Event Promotions marketing manager Aimee Gregory said the event had gone really well and that once again there was an awesome turnout.

More than 1100 people took part, which was about the same as last year.


She said it was a bit wet but it was the perfect day for it.

"It was probably one of the best dress-ups we have seen in a while."

Ms Gregory said there were groups dressed up in wedding dresses, as lifeguards from Baywatch, ketchup, mustard, a doughnut and a bottle of beer - "some really cool costumes".

There were two distances in the event - 6km and 12km - with the 6km winner smashing it, she said.

Scott McDonald from Mount Maunganui completed it in 30 minutes, and most top competitors had finished it around the 33 minute mark before, she said.

She said there had been a lot of rain recently so the course was pretty soft and muddy.

"You could see it by the competitors coming through. They were covered head to toe and it was great to see the conditions we wanted."

She said the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge was something different and out of the norm from other events.


Ms Gregory said you do not have to run the course and it was more about getting out there and giving it a go - "it's for anyone and everyone".

Rotorua's Maxine Parker said Saturday's event was her first time taking part in the Tough Guy and Gal Challenge and she loved it.

She said it was challenging but she enjoyed the camaraderie of the event.

Mrs Parker took part with her grandson and others from local community fitness group Jogging the Powerpoles, and they dressed up and painted themselves to look like Smurfs for the event.

She said it was fun, and although all the participants may not be known to each other you were not strangers, because you were all doing the challenge.

Mrs Parker said the atmosphere and the cheer the last person got coming through was great.

"You've got everybody from the elite athletes who want to do a great time right through to people overcoming all sorts of challenges, and you're just all together."

Proceeds from the annual events go to Cure Kids.

Ms Gregory said their target for this year was to raise $50,000 and by the junior event in Rotorua last Friday they had raised $51,000, so were now hoping to get to $55,000.

On Friday is the secondary schools Tough Guy and Gal Challenge with more than 1000 students registered. These students can gain NCEA credits at this event.

On Saturday is the very last Tough Guy and Gal Challenge for 2017, which also includes the MOA New Zealand Championships - a competition for the 12km competitors who have won at previous events and get invited back to this event, trying to become the New Zealand Champion for 2017.