The clock in the 1914 Post Office, now the i-SITE, has not worked for several months. Might I suggest that the clockwork mechanism be retired to storage as it is obviously unreliable and/or difficult and expensive to maintain.

Might I also suggest that the clockwork mechanism be sent to museum storage as the historical curiosity it is, and that reliable electric drive be used to drive the clock hands and sound the chimes.

C.C. McDowall

Question for McClay


I have read the papers - Post, Herald - and listened to the news on two TV channels and I have a question for Todd McClay and National.

With schools in turmoil, hospitals struggling, homeless at record high, housing a nightmare, prices - food, fuel etc at record highs - building companies struggling for staff, police shortages, suicides at an all-time high, gangs out of control and shooting at police, one in three kids hungry and living in cold damp houses - with this - and more, just how in the name of all that is holy dare you ask the voters to give you another term in office? You lot really take the biscuit!

Jim Adams

Readers on the Rotorua Daily Post Facebook page share their views on the National Party's promise to set up a boot camp for the worst youth offenders in the country.

- Should just bring back smacking.
- How about national service for them?
- NO... These boot camps have been proven to be one of the worst solution ever.
- Depends on how harsh it is. The guy that runs the camp in the desert and makes the prisoners wear pink dresses has a 100 per cent non reoffend rate.
- Send them to the Army.
- Learn from past boot camps. Kids abused and now as adults coming forward with claims of shocking abuse. Bad idea. Fund more prevention and parenting programmes.
- I think it's a great idea.
- Build something for the homeless than worrying about those punks.