Forestry, animation, tourism, sport, welding and university study were just a few of the areas people could learn more about at the Rotorua Careers Expo.

The Rotorua Energy Events Centre was bustling on Tuesday and Wednesday as students and locals checked out all of the 75 stands of business organisations and training institutions.

Rotorua Careers Expo chairwoman Sheryl Hewitson says about 3000 people had come through the expo.

"What's been really pleasing is we've had more adults and people from the community come in. It's not just for school students.


"We've had people coming in looking for new career pathways."

Sheryl thinks it is important for people to have the maximum amount of information about different career choices.

She says this is especially important with people taking out student loans to study.

It was also important for people to understand there are opportunities within Rotorua where you can get training through the businesses, allowing you to train while earning money.

The expo also had seminars running, including 'Create your winning CV' and 'Comparing the tertiary education options'.

She says it is gratifying to see all their voluntary hard work come to fruition and see people going away with great ideas about their future pathways.

Sheryl says EMA has been amazing with sponsoring the business hub and the expo would not be possible without Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust and Geyser Community Foundation.

John Paul College student Shannon Hayes, 16, says the expo has been helpful, discovering new tips around studying.

She says the expo was also good because "we are all brought up with the mindset of to go to university but it shows young people there are other options".

John Paul College student Georgia Collins, 17, says the older you get the more helpful the expo is.

This year's expo featured a number of new stands, including Kilwell and Apiculture NZ.

Board member of Apinz Stuart Fraser says the apiculture industry is looking for young people to come in across a wide range of career paths.

He says career paths in the industry do not just include beekeeping, but also things such as food science and plant propagation.

"We just need to get in front of as many young people as we can. The expo has been running for a while and it's a great forum."

He says the expo has been fantastic and well co-ordinated.

Stuart says the industry's conference is being held at the Energy Events Centre from July 9 to 11, and is one of the biggest primary industry conferences around at the moment.

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