Mr Grumpy, Mr Happy and Little Miss Naughty are about to make appearances throughout Rotorua parks and reserves.

They are Sonia Foote's latest "art rock" babies which she will soon set free into the world, and wait to see who the lucky finders are.

It's all part of a craze which is sweeping the country - Rotorua Rocks (#RotoRocks) is the local answer to an art-rock treasure-hunt-type, non-digital trend replacing the likes of Pokemon GO.

Ms Foote from Facebook group Rotorua Rocks sums up the concept in one of her posts.


"Rotorua Rocks is all about spreading a little happiness, making memories and uplifting others. Post in this group to show us your rocks when you've painted them, let us know where you're going to hide them, show us a rock that you've found, say where you've re-hidden a rock that you've found or anything else rock-related."

People can join the group and start searching for rocks or creating art rocks to hide.

There are no rules about creativity, but artists are encouraged to write #RotoRocks on the back of rocks to identify with the group. Artists take a photo of their rocks, hide them in local parks, reserves or playgrounds and state via Facebook where they can be found and the hunt begins.

Ms Foote said her family was "pretty much addicted". Her three children love creating rocks. She recently created a ladybird series and one was adopted as the local mascot for the council maintenance team. Her latest Mr Men series will soon be ready to go.

"Everything about it is just neat. The painting for the kids, hiding and finding other people's rocks, and children are so excited to find these rocks. It's pretty cool when you see your rock pop up on Facebook.

"It's such a lovely, healthy family activity."

Local Alex Le Long started Rotorua Rocks this year, inspired by other rock groups popping up all over the country.

It initially began in Palmerston North by Heather Knox, who was inspired by a similar initiative in America. RotoRocks now has more than 700 members.


Full details are available on Facebook page Rotorua Rocks including tips on how to weather-proof rocks, where to hide and what to avoid.