Actor James Rolleston has been pictured soaking up the summer sun in Cape Reinga today, five months after a car crash nearly cost him his life.

In a post on Instagram, Rolleston posed shirtless with his girlfriend Ayesha Taylor at the top-most point of New Zealand, a location on his "bucket list".

"Feels good to be back up on my feet and be back out there," he said on Instagram.

"I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support that I've received. It's been a tough 5 months but I'm back and feeling better by the day. I'm currently in recovery mode doing rehab and just trying to find my feet again. Sorry I've been slack on the whole social media buzz and haven't had the chance to get back to everyone.


"Thanks again everyone."

Rolleston, who found fame starring in Taika Waititi's Boy, was seriously injured in an Opotiki car crash on July 26.

The car he was travelling in hit a bridge, and "half the bridge" ended up in the car, according to a volunteer firefighter who attended.

Rolleston was taken to Waikato Hospital's Intensive Care Unit where he remained for nearly a month.

The young actor has started physiotherapy, swimming and speech therapy at Auckland's ABI Rehabilitation Centre.

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