2016 was one of the biggest years for Jordi Webber - but he's determined to make it pale in comparison to 2017.

It's a big call. Last year Webber, who originally shot to fame as part of boy band Titanium, released his first solo single and scored the acting gig he'd been hoping for.

His single, I'll be Loving You, launched in October on the iTunes charts, after securing funding including a grant from New Zealand on Air.

But the biggest moment of the year - potentially of his life so far - was being cast in a television show.


While he can't say what the show is yet, he's set to appear on television screens early this year and remain on them right through until the end of 2018.

"That has been a highlight of my life ... hopefully it will all start from here."

Webber started work on the show in September, after auditioning for the role in May.

It's been a full on few months, with Webber working six days a week.

"It's more than full time. Our average day consists of 10 to 15 hours. Ten hours is a really good day and we do six days a week."

He said it was a first look at what he was hoping to move into - with plans to move to the United States when filming finished on the show.

"I'll go to the States and try to get an agent deal and, ultimately, I'd like to get a recording deal. I'll also be trying to get cast in another role."

While the filming took up a lot of time, Webber said he was constantly busy and trying to be productive, and was continuing to write his own music whenever he could.


But for the summer, Webber was most looking forward to making the most of his three weeks off filming - with plans for a summer road trip, time at the beach and fishing with his dad.

"2016 has been one of the biggest of my life so far. It's been really cool."