The governance structure of Rotorua Lakes Council has remained the same following this year's local elections.

According to a statement on the council's website - and the agenda for the upcoming council meeting - the Operations and Monitoring and Strategy and Policy and Finance committees have been retained.

Councillor Charles Sturt will chair the Operations and Monitoring Committee with Tania Tapsell as deputy while Merepeka Raukawa-Tait retains the chairwoman for Strategy, Policy and Finance with Karen Hunt the deputy.

The roles were decided as part of the induction process for elected members and councillors will be asked to confirm the governance structure at Thursday's full council meeting.


Both council committees remain "committees of the whole" which means all councillors are members and membership of both committees will also include two Te Tatau o Te Arawa board representatives and a representative from each of the Lakes and Rural community boards.

Other committees:

District Licensing Committee: Karen Hunt (chairwoman) and Mark Gould (deputy chairman).

Resource Management Act Policy Committee: Haren Hunt (chairwoman), Rob Kent (council member) and one representative from Te Tatau o Te Arawa.

Chief Executive's Performance Review Committee: Mayor Steve Chadwick (chairwoman), deputy mayor Dave Donaldson (deputy chairman), membership still to be determined.

Audit and Risk Committee: Mayor (chairwoman), deputy mayor (deputy chairman), membership made up of chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of Operations and Monitoring and Strategy, Policy and Finance. Two external representatives to be advised.

Council induction workshops have included looking at the areas of focus for the new triennium to progress towards the goals of the Rotorua 2030 vision set following the 2013 elections. This work is being referred to as the Rotorua Way.

During a recent workshop on governance structures Mrs Chadwick expressed her view that consistency was required to build on the achievements from the previous three years.

The council will also be asked to adopt a Code of Conduct when they meet on Thursday. The new code, which will apply to all elected members this triennium, was developed following recent induction workshops and sees some changes to the previous code.