A woman has been rescued from the Tongariro Crossing after she fell at Soda Springs and dislocated her shoulder.

The Taupo-based Greenlea Rescue Helicopter flew the woman, who was in a lot of pain, to Rotorua Hospital.

While in Rotorua the helicopter was re-deployed to the Waioweka Gorge to a crash involving a minivan, tanker and ute.

A man in his 70s was flown to Whakatane Hospital with chest injuries.


It has been a busy week for the helicopter, which also went to Ahititi yesterday where a man was burnt when his radiator exploded. He was flown to Waikato Hospital.

On Monday, a child with a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting was flown from Turangi to Rotorua Hospital, and two rafters were recovered from the Ngaruroro river following the activation of a beacon.

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