Supplying job references is just one of the ways the Arts Village will support its volunteers through a new programme.

Volunteer co-ordinator Frances Berkers said the programme aimed to take better care of volunteers and make sure that they were getting what they needed out of the experience.

It's the first time the Arts Village has had a volunteer co-ordinator role.

Building relationships with volunteers was a big part of her role, she said.


"It starts with the recruiting and organising of the volunteers, and also in having someone where we can get to know them a lot better and find out what they are looking to get out of the experience.

"We can spend a bit more time helping them achieve that."

Miss Berkers said the Arts Village would also be able to provide job references for volunteers.

She said volunteers played a big role at the Arts Village helping with things such as the school holiday programme, gallery exhibition openings, and one-off tasks such as spring cleaning.

The new programme will be launched on Tuesday.

Miss Berkers said everyone was welcome to head along, as a lot of people were interested in volunteering but it could be intimidating.

She said it would be a relaxed environment with no pressure to sign up.

"It's going to be really good to able to move on to the next phase."

She had been working at the Arts Village for about two months.

"I've really enjoyed so far getting to know people, and getting to know the volunteers and their experiences.

"There's such a wide variety of people that come in here and all have their stories to tell."

What: Volunteer Programme Launch
Where: The Arts Village, Studio One
When: Tuesday 5.30pm to 6.30pm