Only just over half of Rotorua's residents would be fully prepared in the event of an emergency, according to a recent survey.

The results of the Community Satisfaction Survey, commissioned by Rotorua Lakes Council, showed 51 per cent of residents had a household emergency kit, while 49 per cent did not. It surveyed 400 residents earlier this year.

The finding was similar to the 2015 result.

Again, 51 per cent said they had a household emergency plan of what to do and where to meet in the event of a Civil Defence emergency, while 49 per cent did not. This was also similar to last year's result.


Rotorua District Civil Defence emergency management primary controller Stavros Michael said Rotorua was on a par with national data in terms of how many households had emergency kits and plans.

"However, not having these does not necessarily mean people are totally unprepared. Most homes have basic emergency supplies such as tinned food, a torch on their phone, essential items of clothing, toiletries and medicines."

He said emergency situations most likely to occur in Rotorua included storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruption or flooding.

"We can't assume that supermarkets or shops would have adequate supplies or would be easily accessible if an emergency situation erupted, so people should ensure they have some additional stock."

He said all the items didn't necessarily have to be in one place as long as people knew where they were.

"One of the most important parts of any emergency plan is knowing your neighbours because they would more than likely be the first people you would help or would help you.

"It's also important to talk with your family about how to re-unite if you're not together when a civil emergency happens."

An emergency supply kit should include:
• Up to seven days of food and water
• Food for your pets
• Something to cook on
• Torch/radio and batteries
• Warm and waterproof clothing and comfortable footwear
• First aid kit and medicines
• Toiletries
• Backpack
• Personal items such as important documents/passports/licences should be kept in a safe place