The biggest change to Rotorua's rubbish collection system in recent memory has come into effect with the district's new kerbside wheelie bin and recycling under way.

Today saw the first rubbish and recycling collections around town and parts of Rotorua's lakes, but it did not go off without some confusion.

The council's transport and waste solutions director, Stavros Michael, said overall the first day went well.

"We expect it will take people a little while to become used to the new system and our new collection crews, who are getting used to the routes, will get quicker too," he said.

"This is a big change for everyone involved."

Comments on the Rotorua Daily Post Facebook page reflected Mr Michael's statement, with some people saying they did not have their rubbish collected until after 4pm, when they had been told to put their bins out by 7.30am.


Some complained they still did not have their bins and others said they only had their rubbish collected and not their recycling.

Mr Michael said a few people put their bins out last week by mistake and today some had put out recycling where just rubbish was being collected this week, and vice versa.

"But we had expected that would happen as people make the transition.

"Collection crews also reported some people including materials other than glass in their blue crates and we are following up with appropriate advice.

"We'd also like to remind people to space their bins and crate out if they have the space, to make collection easier and quicker for the crews."

He said more information about the new service was in booklets people received with their bins.

"The last sets of bins were being delivered today to properties which missed out during the main delivery schedule for various reasons, many due to property owners having previously opted out of the rubbish bag system.

"We'll be working on a longer-term solution for these types of situations in the near future to ensure that everyone who wants the service has access to it."

For questions, call the council on (0800) 020 001 or visit the council website.