Local schools were visited by a blue and yellow bus today as part of a national campaign calling for parents to help send a message around school funding.

The nationwide New Zealand Educational Institute Te Riu Roa and Post Primary Teaching Association better funding bus tour involved talks to parents about supporting their call for better funding, rather than the proposed bulk funding.

The roadshow comes after stop-work meetings by education staff around the country last month.

President of Rotorua branch NZEI Marion Brits said they had visited about six or seven local schools and the mall throughout the day.


She said there had been a positive response and this was the first time the two unions had ever combined.

"I think once parents understand the negatives of what could happen and how it affects their pocket they become more aware."

She said parents had been signing postcards to the Minister of Education calling for the Government's bulk funding proposal to be dropped, increased funding for public schools and the restoration of quality teacher funding in early childhood services.

She said the main aim of the tour was to let parents know about possible funding changes - "I think our teachers know already but it's so important parents know as well".

Waikato and Bay of Plenty NZEI lead organiser Shane Vugler said they had a positive response from parents who could see the pressure schools and teachers were under, as well as the impact that had on their children's learning.