Local women will again have the chance to vie for the title of Miss Rotorua and become an ambassador for the city.

Designer Kharl WiRepa said he thought it would be great to bring the event back to Rotorua, as it was something people could aspire to.

He plans to stage the Miss Rotorua pageant next July, with registrations to open next month.

Mr WiRepa said it was a step into a culture which had elegance and it was exciting to bring that culture back to Rotorua.


"It not only benefits young people, but the wider community. It's for Rotorua - it gives another element to the success and appeal of the town."

Mr WiRepa said he came up with the idea to bring the pageant back to Rotorua about six months ago, and since early September had been planning the project.

He said there would be four crowns up for grabs.

Miss Teen will go to the best high school student, Miss Te Arawa to the best culturally focused, and Mrs Rotorua to a mature woman.

Miss Rotorua will be the ultimate grand supreme crown.

"This crown is all about finding the best ambassador for our town."

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22 Mar, 2017 7:00am
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Mr WiRepa said registrations will open at the end of November.

Those interested will be able to enter on the website, which is currently still under construction, or through application forms which will be at various locations around the city and at local high schools.

Once the contestants registered, they would go through a 10-week deportment programme, Mr WiRepa said.

He said that would include guest speakers and tutors on aspects such as leadership, deportment and social etiquette.

He hoped to have a range of judges from out of town with categories being evening gown, talent, charity, interview and the judges' questions.

He said the winner would get social and career opportunities, as well as being a positive role model within the community.

"Technically the winner will be queen of Rotorua, which is cool."

Rotorua's Te Rua Wallace, who is travelling to China next month as Miss World Peace New Zealand, said she thought it was great to have a Miss Rotorua.

"I definitely encourage young ladies to join."

She said what she liked about pageants was meeting amazing people in the industry and making life-long friends.

She is unsure if she will enter the pageant herself.