Ships, rainbows and even hand-made kites flew high in the sky over Kuirau Park today.

The Kite Day was organised by Kiwanis Club of Roto Whenua.

Club member Bert Harris said they wanted families to get out and enjoy themselves.

"We organise the Teddy Bear's Picnic each year in February, and so we thought it would be nice to have a kite day down here.


"We wanted to get people out with their kids. It's low-key. They can come for a couple of hours and fly their kites."

Mr Harris said families came and went throughout the day.

The club had consulted MetService who had told the group to pick a day in October, said Mr Harris. And the weather played its part, with a decent breeze keeping the kites in the air.

Jimmy Buchanan went along with his wife and 5-year-old daughter Harper.

"We're here because it's a Sunday thing to do and we saw it in the paper."

Despite an unfortunate accident ending in a broken kite, Harper said she had fun.

Kerryn Barker was there with her daughters Arwen Barker, 7 and Leah Barker, 5, as it was a fun thing to do.

"It's nice and windy."

The girls flew rainbow-striped kites with Leah also bringing along one she had made at home.

A sausage sizzle and chocolate was available for those attending.

Kiwianis Roto Whenua club member Kevin Hollamby had parked up the copy of the Goodbye Pork Pie mini car beside the Kiwianis set up.

The car is travelling New Zealand to raise money for the charity KidsCan.