Steve Chadwick's mayoral victory came as no surprise, according to some of Rotorua's movers and shakers, but the loss of a senior councillor was a shock.

Former Rotorua mayor Grahame Hall said he expected Mrs Chadwick to win, but said she should take note of her reduced majority as a message from the district's voters that she needed to hear.

"That, along with the disappointment of her colleague [Janet Wepa] missing out on re-election, sends a clear message, particularly around changes to the CBD."

Mr Hall said it was good to see a new face at the council table in the form of Raj Kumar.


"That augers well for the future of the council, but the mayor will have to work hard for the betterment of the city in the next three years.

"Strategic visions and goals will need to be set out early on and will be very important this term."

Mr Hall said two very good people were elected to the regional council - Lyall Thurston and Kevin Winters - but said outgoing regional councillor Neil Oppatt did a great job over the years.

"Kevin is well placed to work with Lyall and the pair of them will push Rotorua's cause on the council."

Chairwoman of the Rotorua District Residents and Ratepayers group, and retired district councillor Glenys Searancke, said it was an interesting election.

"The result was not unexpected as the mayor was concerned after Rob Kent put his hat in the ring.

"With Reynold's [Macpherson] vote and Rob's [Kent] vote one person could possibly have beaten Steve, but that's democracy for you.

"I'm disappointed we did not see one or two more changes, but it's fabulous that Raj [Kumar] got in, he was a bit of a bolt from the blue.

"I know him well and am delighted he's there and that there's another ethnic group represented on council.

"We will see what the next three years brings, it's an interesting [council] table and I hope they make good progress."

Rotorua Chamber of Commerce chief executive Darrin Walsh said Mrs Chadwick's re-election was predictable and she had a "comfortable" victory.

"She campaigned that there was more to do and I would agree with her.

"In her first three years the council got a lot done and I'm looking forward to the next three.

"Business has prospered under Steve, her council and their business-friendly policies," Mr Walsh said.

Predictable victory
- Chadwick win not surprising
- Mayor's lower majority should send a message
- Senior councillors missing out should be a concern
- Business-friendly polices a big help