Tomorrow is the last day Rotorua electors can post their voting papers for this year's local government elections, with numbers still significantly down on the last three elections.

But, if you have not yet posted your papers you will not miss out.

You can still have your say by dropping your voting papers off at the Rotorua Lakes Council's offices, or the Rotorua District Library, by no later than midday on Saturday.

Preliminary results for the Rotorua Lakes Council, Bay of Plenty Regional Council and Lakes District Health Board elections are expected to be released mid-Saturday afternoon with the final results later in the week.


As at 8pm Monday night 11,440, or 24.75 per cent, of Rotorua's 46,215 eligible voters had returned their voting papers.

But, that's still almost 4 per cent less than at the same time during the 2013 election when 28.03 per cent of people had voted.

At the same time during the 2010 election 28.60 per cent had voted and in 2007 it was 28.61 per cent.

The total percentage of voters having their say in 2013 was 43.79 per cent, in 2010 it was 43.41 per cent and in 2007 it was 44 per cent.

The Taupo District Council's voter numbers are slightly up on the 2013 election with 6601 of the district's 23,642 eligible voters, or 27.92 per cent, having their say compared with 26.19 per cent in 2013.

But, this is well down on the same time in 2010 when 35.78 per cent of people in the Taupo district had already voted.

Voting in the Tauranga City Council elections is also down on 2013 with 17,316 votes, or 19.11 per cent, of the city's 90,628 eligible voters having their say.

This is compared to 21.01 per cent for the same time in 2013 and 24.67 for 2010.