It's not just Santa who delivers the goods at Christmas time...

Heavy motor vehicle drivers will this month begin distributing the bulk of Christmas freight around the country and police want to make sure the drivers and freight arrive at their destinations safely.

Police have today launched Operation Haumaru, a national operation that will see the police Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit (CVIU) work together with NZTA, other road policing partners, and heavy motor vehicle operators and drivers to reduce the risk of crashes during a time of increased heavy motor vehicles on our roads.

The operation aims to prevent and detect driver fatigue, impaired driving, vehicle defects, overloading, and other safety issues, and will run simultaneously across the 12 police districts.


"With Christmas fast approaching the amount of freight that needs to be moved over a short period of time will increase dramatically, putting greater demands on both heavy motor vehicle drivers and vehicles," Inspector Bruce O'Brien, CVIU manager, said.

There will be a highly visible and active police presence on the roads across the country, particularly at high-risk times and locations.

"We will be focusing on the factors that contribute to serious crashes; speed, driving under the influence, distractions, fatigue and loss of control.

"We will also be conducting vehicle inspections of heavy motor vehicles to ensure they are fit for purpose on our road.

"We want to keep both the drivers of these vehicles safe, and also those who share the roads with them," Mr O'Brien said.