Free blood pressure checks will be made available to locals as part of a nationwide campaign.

According to a press release sent to the Rotorua Daily Post, the Stroke Foundation and Rotorua Lakes Council will be offering these free checks to the public on Wednesday October 5 between 10am and 2pm.

A registered nurse will be based at the council for those interested in checking their blood pressure as part of the Big New Zealand Blood Pressure Check campaign.

The higher a person's blood pressure, the higher their risk of a stroke.


High blood pressure puts strain on the blood vessels in the body and over time this strain can damage blood vessels, making them more likely to block or burst.

When a blood vessel in the brain is blocked or bursts strokes happen.

According to the Stroke Foundation, strokes are the third largest killer in New Zealand, with about 24 New Zealanders, both young and old, suffering a stroke each day.

The Big New Zealand Blood Pressure Check aims to raise awareness about the importance of people keeping their health and blood pressure under control.

It encourages people to consider how they can reduce the risk of a stroke, as well as raising awareness about the signs of a stroke and what actions to take if people witness someone having one.

Blood pressure check details:

Where: Lake Tarawera room, Rotorua Lakes Council, 1061 Haupapa St
When: Wednesday October 5, 10am - 2pm
No appointments needed - walk-in only