Local youth are being encouraged to get involved in a project which will see them share their culture on a 3D lifesize multi-cultural community chess set.

It is being run by the Rotorua Youth Centre.

The Rotorua Youth Centre's skill-share co-ordinator Veena Kameta said they were looking for 16 young people aged between 12 to 18 years, from all cultural sectors, to take part in the "exciting" project and journey.

"We are looking for 16 passionate youth who would share and capture their culture."


She said each would be assigned two pieces of polystyrene to design, create and sculpt, under the supervision of local artist sculptor Natanahira Te Pona.

Mrs Kameta said once selected, the first stage for the participants would be researching and learning a bit more about their culture as well as deciding how they want to put it on their two chess pieces.

This will take place at the Penny Haka Gallery in Whakarewarewa on Tuesday, October 4 from 12pm to 2pm.

From there, they will begin crafting and sculpting their pieces at the Rotorua Youth Centre, from 9am to 5pm on October 15 and 16, she said.

She said the chess pieces would then be taken away "for a holiday" to a Rotorua fibreglass company over a two week period.

The final stage will involve the youth "breathing life" into their chess pieces at the Rotorua Children's Art House with Alley Rogers, who will assist them in painting.

"Every youth that encounters this project will be able to etch their culture heritage and customs through paint to share with our community, friends, families and the whole of Rotorua."

Mrs Kameta said they aimed to showcase it to the community in 2017.

Those who are interested can make contact by emailing activities@rotoruayouthcentre.org or calling (07) 343 1012.

They must send in two of their best A4 designs, as well as a profile picture and what their culture means to them.

Applications close on Wednesday and successful applicants will be contacted on Friday.