Locals who attend the Rotorua Youth Centre's House of Horrors will be in for a "scareprise".

Rotorua Youth Centre's Alan Solomon said the annual event had the theme of Night Terrors this year. It would have everything to do with scary dreams, but he had a warning for those planning on braving the house.

"They may not be able to sleep when they leave."

Mr Solomon said the Rotorua Youth Centre building and back section would be turned into a maze.


Those going would be given a story line around the theme to prepare themselves before entering.

"I think this is the fifth year and it sells out every year before the doors open.

"It's pretty popular with the young people."

It was a great event for local youth because it was unique and such a big crew of young people invested their time and energy into it, he said.

Mr Solomon said there would be about 70 young people each night either performing or doing behind the scenes jobs.

They had started preparations in term two, doing tasks such as making the props, learning the different characters, learning how to scare people properly and how to do special effects make-up, he said.

The youth centre had been taking scary monsters and zombies to schools during lunch breaks every Friday, giving out free tickets.

They had visited all the high schools and would be starting on intermediates, Mr Solomon said.

He said there would be one show for ages 8 up and one for ages 12 up, which was a bit scarier because it was dark.

More youths are still needed to perform as scary characters and zombies.

Those interested can visit the Rotorua Youth Centre, or call (07) 343 1012 for more information.

What: House of Horrors
Where: Rotorua Youth Centre
When: October 5 to October 8, 7pm ages 8 up and 9pm ages 12 up
Tickets: Available from the Rotorua Youth Centre for $15, with a discounted price of $13 if bought online at www.rotoruayouthcentre.org.